Entry Requirements, Submissions


In order to enter the Contest and be eligible to compete for a prize, you (“you,” or “Contestant”) must meet all of the following requirements (collectively, an “Entry”):

  • Apply and completely fill out the Contest Application (Registration and Questionnaire Form all steps) located at RIPPEDIENCE.com
  • Be a current RIPPEDIENCE.com member (either a paying subscriber or free Basic member) at the time that the Entry is submitted and at the time prizes are awarded;
  • Be a winner of a Monthly Contest;
  • During the Contest Period have some referral activity by using the referral link in your member dashboard;
  • During the Contest Period, submit at least one (1) video of fifty nine (59) second duration, but not more than three (3) videos of fifty nine (59) second duration (yes this means you are given 3 chances to re-enter and re-try), all of which must be current depicting the Contestant’s actual, current physical appearance, and which were taken any time on or after December 1, 2017. The video must be accompanied by a photo on the same day as the video in the same outfit used in the video of at least one front, full length view (head-to-toe) showing the contestant holding up at his/her side a piece of paper with your contestant ID written on it to verify the date on which the video/photo was taken (the contestant ID will be revealed to all eligible contestants via email after submission of your online application). As part of the video/photography submission the Contestant will also be required to submit per Entry at least one (1) video of fifty nine second duration posing as described herein, one (1) photograph of Contestant holding Contestant ID, and one (1) photograph or video (at Contestant’s discretion) reflecting the Contestant’s product marketability as described in greater detail herein. The videos and photos (collectively the “video set”)must be submitted to Sponsor as follows:
    • By email (as attachment or link) to RippedEvents@RIPPEDIENCE.com, and
    • By uploading both your photo and video set on to your Instagram account and tagging RIPPEDIENCE’s Instagram account to that video and photo.
    • Your video set must include in the email and comment section of Instagram your current weight and optionally include other measurements (like chest, waist and hip measurements, body fat percentage, and other descriptive items) that depict Contestant’s current physical condition.
    • The Videos and Photographs MUST include the following hash tags in the emails and in your comments section of Instagram under the video and photograph:
      • #IAMRIPPED
    • And you must be available to attend the World Fitness Federation Event on November 3rd and 4th 2018 currently set to be held in Huntington Beach or any alternative location should the November 2018 Huntington Beach event location be subject to change for any reason.
  • Video/Photograph Requirements. Videos and Photographs should be of the best quality possible, as image quality is considered part of the judging criteria. Videos and Photographs must, to the extent possible, be of contestant alone with no other human subjects. Contestant must own the rights to all videos and/or photographs submitted as part of an Entry and contestant must have full authority to grant or dispose of such rights at all times, including at the time of entry and at the time any prize may be awarded. Videos and/or Photographs may not be retouched, enhanced, or modified in any way from the originals. Sponsor reserves the right to disqualify any Entry that includes videos and/or photographs or other materials that are deemed, at Sponsor’s sole discretion, to violate the rights of any third party, or that contain any content that is lewd, pornographic, false, doctored, enhanced, offensive, or inappropriate in any manner.  
  • Availability for the 2018 World Fitness Federation or other Sponsor designated Event. You must be available to attend the 2018 World Fitness Federation event, or other Sponsor designated event(s) (the “2018 Event”), which is currently scheduled to take place on November 3, 2018 through November 4, 2018.  
  • Entry Limits.  Limit one (1) Entry per individual during any Monthly Contest Period. It is your responsibility to update your RIPPEDIENCE.com profile contact information as necessary. Entries are cumulative, meaning that each valid Entry will be eligible for judging in subsequent Monthly Contests provided, however, that a Contestant may only win one (1) Monthly Contest during the overall Contest Period.
    • Submission Materials. In order to enter a Monthly Contest and be eligible to win a prize, you must meet all eligibility requirements and have provided all information required on your RIPPEDIENCE.com account page (not your public profile), including your current full name, email, home address and telephone number (see www.RIPPEDience.com for details). You must then submit a complete and valid Entry, which must adhere to the Official Rules.