How To Change Your Mindset to Achieve Every Goal


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Why Most People FAIL, And How To Ensure Success.

Have you ever felt really motivated to reach a goal? Whether it’s in the gym, the kitchen or at work, the feeling of impending change and taking control is powerful!

But then 2 weeks later you’re back in the same old routine.

Why do most people fail to achieve their goals?

Use a Balanced Approach to Change ALL Aspects of a Bad Habit

When someone decides upon a new goal, the decision MUST be balanced with regards to the rest of their life or some BIG sacrifices will have to be made, and it will be tough, often too tough. The decisions you make in your rational mind DO NOT alter the way your emotional mind feels for things.

For example, if a smoker decides upon quitting, they have the following points in a delicate balance and they must all be addressed:

  • The body craves substances contained in cigarettes (physical addiction)
  • The mind is trained to smoke in social situations and to deal with ‘stress’ (mental addiction)
  • The mind knows that smoking is unhealthy (a need to validate the bad habit or quit and take positive control)

Typically a smoker will know smoking is unhealthy, which leads to guilt, to counteract guilt the person tries to quit smoking to help take control. But this is only part of the problem……

Without taking into account the physical and mental addiction to smoking, or unhealthy eating, or any other habit, it will be much harder to quit. A better way to get rid of unhealthy habits and addictions is to take small steps that address each aspect of the addiction or habit.

So our smoker from the example could say they are going to quit (addressing the need for control), but this time they also chew nicotine gum (phasing out the physical addiction) and learn stress relieving methods such as meditation (phasing out mental addiction).

Now we have someone who has a great chance of reaching their goals because every aspect of the bad habit was analysed and addressed. Think of all the points that comprise your bad habit, figure out a way to beat them and your chances of reaching your goal will improve drastically!

Create a Great Lifestyle and Your Goals WILL be Reached Easily 

Ok, so now we’ve gone over the need for a balanced approach to beating bad habits and addictions, let’s take a look at a HUGE problem people face when they set a goal.

Here are two similar, but very different goals:

Person A: ‘I will lose x amount of weight by April 1st, 2 months from now’

Person B: ‘I will lose x amount of weight by April 1st, 2 months from now, and maintain my new weight as part of a better lifestyle’

Whilst it’s likely that with such solid goals, both people will be successful, but which person do you think could balloon back up to their previous weight?

If you said Person A, you’d be right!

Person B has taken the extra step to ensure that the positive work she takes over the next 2 months will form a foundation for the rest of her life by creating a better lifestyle.

I feel very strongly that for any goal you attempt, you must learn ways of implementing it into your lifestyle. Notice the word: LEARN.

Educate yourself, make small changes every day and aim to continue your good work as part of a lifestyle.

When you step back and look at goals, they’re just different outcomes of lifestyle changes. If I want to make my diet healthier, I will change my lifestyle to do that. If you want to lose weight, build muscle, get stronger, quit smoking or whatever the hell you wanna do, aim to change your lifestyle to support that goal!

It’s no good trying to lose weight but all your friends go to the all you can eat Chinese buffet every Thursday night. Join a martial arts club on Thursday nights and change your lifestyle. If you lose friends because they don’t support your decision, were they really good friends in the first place?

You won’t be able to stop drinking on the weekends if you keep going to the same old bars every Saturday. Replace this activity with something worthwhile and something you ENJOY, like going to the cinema. You’ll probably save money too!

Now Put it all Together….and Take ACTION!

Recognise that goals are for life, not just for the few weeks you’ve written down.

If there’s something that you want to achieve, learn how to improve your lifestyle to support it. Take a balanced approach and seriously consider whether the sacrifices you make for your goal will help or hinder your progress.

There is one final mistake that people make when it comes to goal setting…..over researching. Simply reading and researching ways to be successful isn’t going to help if you don’t take action in the first place!

Do you really need someone to tell you how to lose weight? It is simple. Eat less and exercise more, end of story. Why are you staying up till midnight every night whilst eating yourself into a coma? Eat less, go the gym, go to bed. Repeat. Take ACTION.

Do you really need someone to tell you how to stop smoking? It is simple. Stop smoking. Learn a couple of things that may help and THEN DO THEM. Take ACTION.

Do you really need someone to help you look for a better job? It is simple. Get a better job. You know what you need to do, maybe it’s education, maybe it’s contacts. Start today and take ACTION.

Life is great because there is always something you can do to improve yourself. Get out in the real world and learn new things! Every day you MUST do something that will benefit you and help you grow. Work on your goals every day until they become a GOOD habit that you won’t want to quit!

Anthony Shaw

Head Strength and Conditioning Coach 

Raw Strength Gym –

Dr. Ripped

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