KREATINE (120 Capsules)

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KREATINE is designed to be a superior Kre-Alkalyn delivery system designed to get the most output possible from your training. KREATINE will increase your baseline ATP so your muscle cells can crank out that extra 2-3 reps at the end of each set to help you push past any plateau you’re hitting.

KREATINE Kre-Allalyn is a buffered creatine system which ensures the highest level of creatine availability to hard working muscles. Studies show that nearly 100%of creatine from Kre-Alkalyn is absorbed and nine is converted to toxic impurities. Kre-Alklyn never biodegrades to creatine that allows the highest level of absorption and utilization with levels up to 10 times that of creatine monohydrate without any bloating.

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