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RIPPEDIENCE HOSTS First Ever Social Media Bodybuilding and Fitness Contest for Chance to Win a Bentley Continental GT and opportunity to represent USA in a World’s Fitness Championship.

Contest Runs through November 3 and 4, 2018; online nominations accepted through August 31, 2018.


A Global Leader in Bodybuilding and Fitness Contests, The World Fitness Federation (WFF) and Female Fitness Legend Lauren Powers (INSTAGRAM @officiallaurenpowers) has teamed up with the online supplement marketing group RIPPEDIENCE (INSTAGRAM @rippedience) to promote the first ever posing and influence ability contest online. The contest allows NPC, IFBB, and even first time competitors who have never stepped on stage to compete in a no politics competition for what is being labeled the first ever “true World’s Championship” in the Fitness industry. This contest is not about being the most muscular. Judging will be according to the full package and not about carrying development or definition to an extreme; emphasis is on retaining a “fit look” and low body fat levels, overall symmetry and an overall well shaped look for both males and females. The online community will get to vote on their favorite competitor’s look as well as their creativity, charisma, marketability, image quality and overall influence ability. The entire online community gets to vote on all their favorites without limitation, except those limits imposed by Instagram likes and comments of course.

Winners will be announced monthly until the final in November 2018.  This is more than just a contest it is also a scouting event for Supplement manufacturers to find the next face of their supplement product and to find between 10 and 100 people to represent the USA in the World’s Fitness Championship. The online community drives a large portion of the voting at 40% giving the online public a large amount of power in selecting what they feel “fitness” should look like for both men and women. The overall winner may be driving away in a Bentley GT Coupe. “A prize that no other bodybuilding or fitness show has given away to date. Usually you only walk away with a trophy if you’re lucky and maybe some free supplements, but in this contest it will be no politics, a chance to drive away in a Bentley, exposure to be scouted by supplement companies for a potential modeling contract, and an opportunity to represent the good old US of A against other countries in a fitness show. Every contestant that competes is a winner by gaining added exposure to build up your follower base on Instagram.” Says Lauren Powers.


RIPPEDIENCE wants to help those who spend their time living a healthy lifestyle and motivating others to do the same. Now through August 31, 2018, visitors to RIPPEDIENCE’s online website and Instagram community (@RIPPEDIENCE and @RIPPEDEVENTS) can nominate their favorite contestant by liking their Instagram post @RIPPEDEVENTS and posting meaningful comments. Every like and comment helps advance a contestant forward.


All Entries will be sorted into the following four (4) categories based on each contestant’s gender; age is not a limiting or contributing factor. You can be 18 or 80, go ahead and show off your stuff.

Overall Online Fitness/Sports Model Overall Online Fitness/Sports Model
Social Media Health and Fitness Influencer Social Media Health and Fitness Influencer 


Voting begins now through August 31, 2018.


Unlike many Fitness competitions, this event can be done in the comfort of your own home, hotel, gym, or anywhere else. Contestants that don’t make it in one month can come back in another month and re-apply. In other words a contestant is given multiple opportunities to win. The goal is success and motivation.


This is an exciting opportunity to make history in this first ever online contest of this type.


To enter the competition, log on to and fill out the Entry Form. See for full terms and conditions.


For those competitors who prefer to step on stage, official stage contests will be announced for December 9, 2017, March 24, 2018, August 25, 2018, September 22, 2018 leading up to the November 3rd and 4th 2018 World’s Championship where the online finalist will be awarded.


RIPPEDIENCE reminds you that fitness is about motivating others as well as yourself to live happy and healthy.



RIPPEDIENCE was designed to help balance the healthy lifestyle needs of the general public with the sales and marketing needs of supplement manufacturers, including the public awareness of new product releases.


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