The Contest© is designed to reward you for living a healthy lifestyle and as a side reward gives you an opportunity to drive away in a Bentley GT Coupe.

All you have to do is follow the Official Rules and share your results with us!


Contestant may enter once a month as many times as they like and are encouraged to enter more than once. This is a competition and you are given another chance to compete every month during the Contest Period.

40% of votes comes from Instagram voters and followers. That’s right almost half of your success comes from voters online.


60% of the remaining votes comes from the Judging Criteria


Entry Limits. Limit one (1) Entry per individual during any Monthly Contest Period. Entries are cumulative, meaning that each valid Entry will be eligible for judging in subsequent Monthly Contests provided, however, that a Contestant may only win one (1) Monthly Contest during the overall Contest Period. In other words, enter once a month every month until you become a Monthly Contest Period winner which advances you to the next level.

What is the Judging Criteria?

60% of vote comes from the judging criteria mentioned below:

Videos/Photographs (30%)

Image Quality (15%)

Video Posing + Photograph of Contestant with ID (15%)

Social Media Influence-ability (30%)

Image Quality (15%)

Marketability/Influence-ability (15%)



• Follow Attire & Adherence to contest instructions

• 2018 World Fitness Federation attendance, and

• On-camera Interview at final awards announcement

• Personal Coach may also win a prize if nominated by Contestant.


When does it start?

Key Dates  
Open for Contest Entry/ Submissions December 1, 2017
Final Submission August 31, 2018
Notify Finalists (four Contestant Categories) September 15, 2018
Publicly Announce Finalists October 1, 2018
2018 Event November 3rd through 4th 2018

What is the wining prize?


What are the Requirements & instructions for participating?

Below are the complete insturctions on how to participate. Click on each of them to learn more.

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