Sport/Fitness Model Social Media Marketability / Influence-ability (Male and Female).


Videos/Photographs (50%) (Motivator / Influencer / Marketability / Influence-ability):

  • Sport/Fitness Figure
    • Social Media Influencer (Male and Female). (50%) – Social Media Marketability and Influencing is part of the overall judging criteria. This section helps us to evaluate your likability by the online community. Voters from our community as well as voters from other contestants’ followers and fans will be looking at your Entry and voting on your creativity and marketability. This is a great opportunity for you to show your stuff and gain followers. To be considered for the Grand Prize this category requires marketing, posting and generating traffic and subscriptions using the member’s link in your member’s dashboard, member’s marketability and influence-ability is tracked using that link generated in the Contestant dashboard. 
      • Video/Photography Submission (Influencing) – You may choose from the following for your submission under this portion of the Contest:
        • A photograph using the RIPPEDIENCE logo AND
          • either a box or shaker filled with samples OR
          • your photograph with any full sized product sold on the website
        • Alternatively, you can create your own thirty (30) second or fifty nine (59) second video commercial marketing a RIPPEDIENCE subscription.
      • This section will be judged according to creativity, charisma, marketability, image quality and overall influence ability. The contestant does not get marked up or down for creating a video over a photograph and visa versa. The emphasis is health and fitness and marketability, a photograph in most cases can be more marketable than a video and in other cases a video can be more marketable than a photograph.  Do what works best for you and make sure that all depictions of you in this section are current depicting the Contestant’s actual, current physical appearance, which were taken any time on or after December 1, 2017