DREAMZ promotes restful, deep sleep for ultimate recovery and central nervous system relaxations for individuals with high stress lifestyles or intense training regimens. DREAMZ promotes natural recovery and decreases body fat.

DREAMZ is an enhanced form of PM recovery in that it combines 3 essential components to maximize your rest. Rather than stopping with ZMA (Zinc, Magnesium and B6 Aspartat), DREAMZ further enhances your R.E.M. sleep cycle by adding Mucuna Puriens which converts to L-Dopa within the bloodstream. This provides the 1, 2 punch you need to

A) get into deep sleep with the side of ZMA and

B) keep you in the deep sleep pattern longer with the added L-Dopa.

Lastly there is whopping 400 mg of Phosphatidylserine in one single serving of DREAMZ. Phosphatidylserine not only enhances blood flow to neglected parts of the brain but it also significantly lowers cortisol levels which is the key to lowering body fat and preserving healthy muscle tissue.

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